Howdy I’m Chase Gunnell

You seem to have stumbled your way into a very interesting situation. That’s okay though because I’m here to help you through this journey you have most likely involuntarily embarked upon. My name is Chase Gunnell and this beautiful page you’ve found on the internet is going to be my blog. It’s my first blog ever and actually my first experience writing anything other than case studies and book reports.


The main topic I’ll ramble about in this blog will be everyone’s favorite team to cry over every Sunday for the entire fall season. If you’re like me you were lucky enough to be born in Jacksonville and have somehow grown to love the hometown Jacksonville Jaguars. I’ve been on the wagon with team through all the losing seasons and even that one season that David Garrard juked out the entire Steelers defense and won the only playoff win the Jaguars have had since I’ve had the ability to remember football games. Other than that Sundays with the Jags have been filled with yelling obscenities and scratching my head. And you can’t forget the inventible win they somehow are given every single offseason. I’ll be discussing the current events happening around the jags, my always correct opinions about them, and of course what I think they should do differently.

Along with all the Jaguars talk I will delve into some happenings around the NFL, some major stories that come about in sports, and anything else I have a strong enough opinion about to talk about.

You may, and probably will disagree with my always hot and heavy takes but maybe, just maybe you’ll agree with one of them decide to come back and read again.


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