Winning the Offseason Again

The Champions of March Its well known to any Jaguars fan out there that every offseason the team has more cap space than they know what to do with. They'll sign at least two of the biggest name free agents available and most likely over pay them which is usually the case with free agency. … Continue reading Winning the Offseason Again

The Return of Tom Coughlin

What has Tom Done? If you live anywhere within the vicinity of the city of Jacksonville, Florida or follow sports in any capacity than you've probably heard that Tom Coughlin has returned to the Jaguars. Coughlin was the first head coach of┬áthe Jaguars and led them to by far their best seasons in the first … Continue reading The Return of Tom Coughlin


Howdy I'm Chase Gunnell You seem to have stumbled your way into a very interesting situation. That's okay though because I'm here to help you through this journey you have most likely involuntarily embarked upon. My name is Chase Gunnell and this beautiful page you've found on the internet is going to be my blog. … Continue reading Howdy